Monday, May 19, 2014

'Reflect' exhibition coming to Melbourne

After being well received in Canberra last year my exhibition 'Reflect' will be at Edmund Pearce Gallery from 4-28th June.

Opening 6-8pm 5th June

Here is the Facebook page

Masterclass at Australian Tapestry Workshop

From the 25-29th August I'll be running a masterclass at the Australian Tapestry Workshop

For more information, contact the ATW on 9699 7885 or email:

'Shift Memory' almost finished

Here is a photo taken just after the last roll on, where you can see through the warps to the beginning of the tapestry. I weave with a board immediately behind the weaving, to take away the visual distraction of the warps behind. This is before putting that board back in place. No long to go now. About 12cm.